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I found your website on Google. Very fast in shipping, not to mention the shipping was free at the time. Highly recommended.
Hayley, Surrey

All is perfect!
Alexander, Belgium

What else can I say… It has all been said by your satisfied customers. I have been with you for many years, and Love my Gizoo. Just recommended you to another 5 of my family. Good Luck and keep up the good work… Love your new Newsletter layout.
Doris, Flintshire

I would just like to say every time I ring up I am amazed at such friendliness and helpfulness of your telephone operators, wonderful and thanks’ Even though I am still awaiting an order that seems to be in keen demand! Just please keep up the good work.
Viv, Cornwall

I have always been treated in very kindly and warm response.
G Thompson, Northamptonshire

Carry on with the good work, of all contacts in business/pleasure they are the tops.
M Hawkins, Cornwall

You have always been a good company to me and I will always recommend them to everybody.
J Mackenzie, Stranraer

Your service is very good I don’t think there is much you can do to improve it.
J Allan, Middlesex

I understand that anything can be improved, but I cannot think of one thing in your case. I am very satisfied with your service and your products. Regards,
John Sergeant. (Lord of Kirkham.)

Actually, I’m pleased to say that I’ll be perfectly happy if you continue to provide the same sort of service to that that I’ve been getting for as long as I can recall! I am also quite impressed with the speed at which products are usually dispatched
B Perkins, Oxfordshire

All OK I wish other companies were as good as yours.
T Withers, Whitstable

Can’t think of any, been dealing with you for years and never had any bother sorting things out if need be I tell all my friends about Serif and Gizoo
T Skeet, Surrey

Carry on with the Ouality of Service that you have given me in the Past, And Thank You ALL.
G Trowman, West Midlands

It has always been excellent! I like the friendly & efficient way everything is dealt with. Just keep it up!!
J Lamaour, Ayrshire

I think your service is excellent, I can think of no improvements that will make your service better, my last contact with you was extremely well handled, many thanks.
D Willis, Worcester

Nothing – I have contacted you twice within the last 10 days – you sorted out my technical problem by sending me a replacement to try, and the other which was to buy a mousepad with USB Ports – was a pleasure.
M Wooley, Sheffield

Not very much, service ,prices, and new products great, keep up the good work. or as they say in scotland, lang may your lum (chimey to u). reek (keep burning). thanks
B Thompson, Glasgow

For me I don’t think you can improve, I have had only one cause to get in touch with customer services and that was dealt with first class.
T King, Birmingham