Battery Wizard

Recharge Normal Batteries 10 Times or More! Ideal for rechargeables too!

Battery Wizard
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Battery Wizard

Battery Wizard Best Bits

  • Save money – replacing batteries can be expensive!
  • Never be stuck without batteries again – re-use them!
  • Recharges standard, alkaline batteries and rechargeable NiCad and Ni-Mh batteries
  • Help the environment by reducing waste
  • Great customer reviews – it really works!
  • LCD display shows status for each battery
  • Reuse standard alkaline batteries up to 10 times
  • Up to four batteries can be charged simultaneously
  • Mains powered and low running costs (AC adapter supplied) and auto cut-off
  • Works with AA, AAA, C, D and 9v batteries

Re-use your Standard Batteries 10 Times or More!

Gadgets are great, but most of them need batteries, and it often seems that the cooler the gadget, the quicker it runs out of juice! Keeping your gadgets powered up can be an expensive business – and a frustrating one too, as batteries always seem to run out at the worst possible moment. There is a way to cut the frustration and expense though – the Battery Wizard can extend the life of standard batteries by up to 10 times and could pay for itself many times over in a short space of time!

Rechargeable batteries can be great, but most of us still rely on the convenience and lower initial cost of standard throwaway batteries, and that's where the Battery Wizard comes in. This amazing device allows you to get so much more from your batteries – instead of throwing them away as soon as they run out; you can recharge them and use them again and again. Technically speaking, the Battery Wizard revitalises and reconditions battery cells (rather than actually recharging them) but the effect is the same and means the energy from each battery's valuable chemical contents can be fully utilized. Using a system named pulse wave charging, all the main battery sizes, including AA, AAA, C, D can be recharged: up to four at a time. It's easy to tell when the Battery Wizard has done its magical work, as LED lights signal the end of the process, and it will automatically reject faulty batteries too.

Thousands of Gizoo customers have benefited from the Battery Wizard's amazing money-saving technology, and it's one of best-selling eco gadgets, ever! Check out the reviews below, why not snap one up today, start saving money and help the environment too!

NB. Battery Wizard will revive partially discharged batteries, but will not restore very old or completely dead back to life. It works with standard throwaway alkaline batteries and rechargeables, but doesn't work with Zinc or Lithium batteries.

Battery Wizard

Battery Wizard Specs

  • Product dimensions: 5cm x 18cm x 15.5cm
  • Box dimensions: 7cm x 27cm x 16cm
  • Weight: 655g
  • Power requirements: AC
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"Can't believe how fast this charger is. I can only say it's a definite 5 ***** product."

, Barnsley.

"This is just a splendid product. I was not really convinced that it would recharge standard batteries however I was willing to give it a try. Our cat scarer uses two 9V batteries which are quite expensive however 3 hours recharged them both. I now regularly recharge all the remote control batteries. I am very impressed at the technology, each battery has its own charging indicator and its own charge complete light. When the grandkids visit their toys have newly charged batteries. I would recommend this product to anyone."

, Worcestershire

"I'm very impressed with this item. I bought it mainly for "refreshing" standard batteries and as a backup re-chargeables charger. I find, however, that it charges NiMH batteries MUCH faster than a Duracell charger I already owned. I like the information given via the LED display and the unit itself is both attractive and handy sized. This is an excellent value for money item."

, Brough

"What a great gadget , my kids use tons of batteries each week. It's already paid for itself . Also the batteries seem to last longer."

, Swansea

"The best battery charger I've ever owned. Superb quick recharging ni-cad & ni-mh. Good at refreshing alkaline batteries so long as you haven't let them get too flat and so long as they weren't made by duracel. Supermarket own brand alkaline batteries can be used 6 or 7 times I've managed 10 recharges on energisers"

, Bradford

"Mine arrived yesterday, (monday) so as I had a pile of batteries that were going to be thrown away I got right down to it as they say. Woops! zinc batteries not catered for. I have been back and checked the site and it says "standard", "alkaline" and rechargeables. So does it re-condition zinc batteries, I have no way of knowing,so I am more than a little disappointed.."

, Cambridge

Gizoo Says: Hi Rick, we can confirm that the Battery Wizard doesn't work with Zinc or Lithium batteries, this is mentioned within the product information.

"Very good item reilly does do all three types of battery and in all the different sizes."

, Sheffield

"Does an excellent job - but beware alkaline batteries must be visually monitored otherwise they can overcharge an (in my case) explode in the charger, which has rendered one charging station unusable. Hence I can't give it 5 stars. However, I am getting another as for reliability and end-result I have found no other charger as good - at this price!."


"I purchased this item a few months ago and have found it to be invaluable. I get through a number of batteries in the month so now I am using rechargeable the money saved is mounting. The best unit I have purchased for a long time. Well done."

, Sevenoaks

"I purchased this product and found it to be so good I purchased a second."

, darlington

"Very useful item in regular use."

, Norwich

"Excellent, been using it for several years now,"

, Kingston Upon Thames

"My wife has a body hearing aid which takes two AAA batteries, and as it is powerful the batteries do not last long, 2/3 days, which means that as the power decreases so does the efficiency. I can now charge up batteries so that I can replace the batteries daily which has been a great help. Why I didn't buy one sooner I can't imagine. Definitely a five star product"

, Birkenhead

"This is a gadget which really works! It charges up all your normally throw away batteries quickly, and you can see the LED change from red to green when it has recharged. It also tells you if a battery won't recharge (with a loud buzzer). Get one!"

, Tyttenhanger

"I bought this recently, never mind that it pays for itself very quickly, if you have children with toys it can get your kids off your back about needing new batteries. Great for X Box & Nintendo Wii controllers!"

, Douglas

"this product is fantastic it's saved me a hell of a lot of money on batteries! so much so i'm giving one each to my father brother and sister for christmas! one thing i cannot confirm though compared to the other reviews on here is my machine although bought off this site also does not emit a loud buzzer noise when a dead battery is inserted in the machine and i've put in one or two dead batteries! appart from that a fantastic machine well worth the money compared to the money you will save on recharging just a few batteries!!"


"Not so sure about this product!! The charger failed to recharge Duracell Plus C batteries to a level where they could power my DAB radio. A battery tester showed an 85-90% recharge on first recharge but this, it turned out, was not enough. "


"At last, a battery charger that can do ODD number of batteries. As the little one's favourite toy use 3 AA's it was driving me mad shuffling around batteries to make sure some were always charged. The bonus is that for my digital camera I have some 2700mha AA's which could take over 20 hours (3 lots of charge, as the old one autocut out after 8 hours) . In this, it's done in under 6 in a single charge. Highly recommend this one."

, Nr Birmingham

"The beauty of the Battery Wizard for me is that I somehow managed to collect both Ni-Mh and Ni-Cad batteries for my (ancient) digital camera. The fact that the Wizard will re-charge ordinary alkaline batteries AS WELL AS THESE is great. My grandchildren know that when they come to stay, Grandma will always have a batttery for their toys (as well as bits of string, glue, etc. . . ) And I will always have one for my torch, smoke alarm, etc., etc. The possibilities are endless!"

, Worcester

"P.S. Having just re-read the previously posted reviews,I haven't heard a buzzer, but perhaps haven't put in a really dead battery. Also, I didn't think it was possible to re-charge different kinds of batteries at one time (or perhaps the reviewer meant different sizes of batteries?. I would have given it a 10 stars rating if it was available!"

, Worcester

"Normally I would not review a product like this, but it is so good I have to. I have a Sony radio that just will not work with 1.2V normal rechargable batteries, and a weather station that also prefers the proper heavy duty 1.5V, so I really do save a lot of money with recharging them. This battery charger works just as it says in the instruction leaflet, and correctly analyses the status of each battery in a couple of seconds (1 to 4 at a time, and they can be different sizes, but must be of the same type, ie all alkaline, NiCad, or NiMh). An alkaline AA size might be brought back from the dead in an hour or up to five hours. The LEDs indicators and LCD panel at the front are very easy to understand. It automatically stops charging when its done with a particular battery, so no chance of over-charging or wasting power. I reckon mine will pay for itself in three uses!"

, Walsall

"Simply one of the best multi-function battery chargers I have ever bought! This charger far exceeded my expectations, it really is outstandingly fantastic value for money... The multi charge function is ideal especially for those "standard 1.5 volt" batteries that need some extra boost. Plus rechargeable's are quickly and efficiently charged also if they are damaged or have come to the end of their life, then the display lets you know. Its reliability, its speed of charge, with its good clear information display this charger goes far beyond my expectations. I have saved possibly £100 by re-using batteries that would have normally been discarded months ago. This has got to be helping the environment as well. Simply a Really Great Charger. "

, Elgin

"Does exactly what it says on the tin!!! really good recomend to any one who uses batteries"

, Wigan

"Charges quickly and displays the state of each battery. You also don't need to charge in pairs like most chargers and we have lots of kids toys that need 3 batteries and you can mix battery sizes in it too. Obviously the best feature is charging normal alkaline batteries which makes you feel much greener on the times you have to use them. Brilliant. Worth every penny."

, Nottingham

"I have had this product a couple of days now and i must say well impressed well on its way of paying for itself great piece of kit well worth the purchace price with christmas round the corner will pay for itself with kids toys needing batteries"

, South Yorkshire

"Wizard... is the word, what a brilliant little charger it is. It is also small and very neat. I charges batteries up in no time at all, non charging batteries and rechargeable ones too. I was amazed that it does both, although I did read the reviews and thought that it wouldn't really do both, but it does fantastic. "

, Morley

"Good points are that it can charge odd numbers of cells and can do the three different types. Bad Points are that it can be a bit variable in its results. Its burst One cell (First alkaline one I tried) and it has overcharged several others two of which started making a popping sound as they expanded so I was able to get them out before they went bang and another couple that were clearly getting too hot so were removed early. All of them were good quality batteries that hadn't been recharged much if at all and none of them were totally flat. I initially put it down to them being Alkaline types so didn't feel overly bad about it (though the fire risk is a bit of a worry). The other day though it did the same thing to a couple of NiMh AAAs. I wouldn't suggest leaving it completely unattended whilst in use. Also the power connector in the back has an intermittent connection that requires the occaisional 'jiggle' to get it to conect"

, Sherborne

Gizoo Says: Hi Steve, Thanks for taking the time to review the Battery Wizard. We're concerned that you've had problems with batteries overheating and leaking, this clearly should not happen. The power connector problem is concerning too, and suggests you may have received a faulty item. Our customer service team will be able to supply you with a replacement, or full refund. Many apologies for any inconvenience caused and thanks again. Gizoo

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