Bubble Spa Bath Mat

Turn your bath into a relaxing bubble spa

Bubble Spa Bath Mat
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Bubble Spa Bath Mat

Bubble Spa Bath Mat Best Bits

  • Turn any bath tub into an indulgent spa-experience
  • Hundreds of vents provide powerful massage jets
  • Select your massage settings, you're in control
  • Portable and compact to store
  • Non-slip mat inflates with air for maximum comfort
  • Set the timer for 15 minutes, 30 minutes or an indulgent 1 hour
  • Fuss-free to setup and simple to use
  • Take control of your massage with the wireless remote

Take your bath to the next level

We all lead busy and stressful lives, and at the end of a long day, a relaxing soak in the bath is just what we need to soak away the troubles of the day. Now you can take your bath time to the next level with the Bubble Spa Bath Mat.

The Bubble Spa Bath Mat turns the ordinary, unsuspecting bath tub into a whirlpool delight. As the massage jets produce invigorating bubbles, you'll feel the stresses and strains simply melting away.

Everyone deserves a little luxury and pampering, and with the Bubble Spa Bath Mat you can treat yourself to a spa-experience without ever leaving your home. Spa bath tubs are costly; never mind the hassle of calling out a plumber and redecorating. That's where this jet spa mat really comes into its own; you can have all the indulgence of a power spa without the hefty price tag!

The Bubble Spa Bath Mat lets you customise your bathing experience to suit your mood. If you're short on time you can set the timer to 15 minutes and enjoy the bathroom equivalent of a power-nap, going from sluggish to revitalised in no time at all. If you're in need of a lengthier pampering sensation, simply set the timer for 1 hour, grab yourself a glass of wine, light some candles and get comfy on the air-filled massage mat. Bliss.

Suffering with tired and achy muscles? Simply crank up the intensity and let the massaging bubble mat work its magic.

Bubble Spa Bath Mat

Bubble Spa Bath Mat Specs

  • Boxed weight: 4450g
  • Boxed dimensions: 42 by 29.5 by 29.5cm
  • Bubble Mat Dimensions: (H) 120cm x (W) 37.5cm x (D) 0.8cm
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"Dear Gizoo, I took delivery of your bath spa mat yesterday - tried it, and WOW! I have Reiter syndrome and often feel pain in several places at once, I rarely get a full nights' undisturbed sleep and wake with some degree of aching & stiffness every day. Whilst nothing can cure my condition, I actually SLEPT COMFORTABLY, without waking during the small hours, and wasn't so stiff/achey this morning. I think this is a BRILLIANT product, at a price anyone can afford. Excellent. Anyone thinking of getting one of these SHOULD, IT REALLY IS GREAT! With thanks & kind regards Mrs. C Houghton "

, Chester-le-Street

"Fantastic!! I bought it for my husband after my sister recommended it to me. He loves it. I love it and so do our children! If you use too much bubble bath it creates hilarious results. We had a bubble mountain going high into the air, up the wall and flowing down over the bath. Really good fun!! A great product at an amazing price."

, Sutton

"As with most guys i bought one for my wife who loved it, we had thought about a jacuzzi many times but was way out of our price range, we are convinced that this gadget is almost better in some ways and the kids love it, makes getting them in to the bath really easy!"

, Torquay

"just wanted to say a huges 'thank you' for your very quick response for a replacement item. Next day delivery arrived on Christmas Eve! Brilliant. Are you in business with Santa? Thank you. Cliff"

, Sussex

"I think that this product is really fantastic value for money and it exceeded my expectations ... since purchasing mine, I have used it loads and together with a few essential oils it is just heavenly. Highly recommended.*****"

, Craigavon

Gizoo Says: Hi Miss Greenlee, We're really chuffed you like the Bubble Spa Bath Mat. Thank you for taking the time to review your purchase. Gizoo Team

"Bought this product for my wife after putting her off the idea of installing a spa bath at an astronomical cost. Thanks for such a great product. The quality of the bubbles and strength of the bubble effect was fantastic. Have to say I'm currently the next best thing to sliced bread, and think of all the building work I haven't had to do. Cheers Gizoo."

, crewe

"Bought this as a present for my boyfriend so that he could relax a bit more... i have to say, you can not realy relax as soon as you switch it on! Verry noisy, we were shouting when we wanted to talk to each other and we were only 2 metres appart. If you switch the hot air on or not the heat stays the same. Not really impressed although the bubbles are great. Should come with ear plugs!"

, Washington

"i bought this bubble spa for my wife after reading the reviews.as she is in a lot of pain with arthritis, F.M. and whiplash injury. we had considered buying a new bath with jacuzzi features, or an outside jacuzzi hot tub, but these were out of our price range. when it arrived it looked rather unassuming and didn't look capable of producing any power. however it is not just a bubble mat, but is a really high powered massage bath mat, with great features and a choice of settings.when you get out of the bath you feel as though you have had a professional massage. it is easy to set up, operate and dismantle.... DO NOT be be put off by the low price, because it is a fantastically powerful massage machine. we would highly recommend this machine to anyone"

, norwich

"This is the best thing I've ever bought I've had a bad back for 2 years now and this is just breath taking, brilliant would recommend this to anyone with a bad back."fantastic""

, Dursley

"absolutely fantastic! didnt believe a previous review about bubble bath but have learnt my lesson well tonight... felt very pummelled and relaxed after. this machine has loads of settings and the bubbles are from top to bottom and really work. the machine looks stylish and remote control suckers to a tile easily within handy reach. the cable is long enough to reach outside the door to plug socket with room to spare. the hose is very long too. well worth the money"

, stroud

"I highly recommend this product, I bought mine more than a year ago and it is still fantastic; excellent for health to ease aches and pains after a long day, and for a beauty spa experience. I put dead sea salts and one or two drops of aromatherapy oils -sheer bliss, Its really powerful so dont be tempted to put lots of bubble bath in the water. Thankyou Gizoo for a great product"

, southport

"I got one of these of my wife a year ago and she still loves it, really easy to set up takes about 30 seconds, really easy to use and the remote that comes with it just seals the deal for a great gift. i have even used it and if you like your footie their is nothing like coming home after a cold morning game and using this gadget."

, Derbyshire

"Just had my first bubble bath and it was absolutely amazing. Does exactly as it says. Well worth the money. Very easy to use and the mat extremely comfortable to lie on as it fills up with air. There are a number of suction cups that holds it in place too. It has a remote that gives different programs, intensities, speeds and heat. All in all a great little device that is just as good as a jacuzzi bath. Would recommend this and a great price too. "

, Johnstone

"This Spa mat relly does a wonderful job of relaxing you and making a bath that special experience."

, romford

"I purchased this product to help ease chronic pain, i have suffered for years and previously used a bath with a spa built in, when we moved house i really missed it and looked around for an alternative. I bought this after reading reviews and have not been disappointed. The spa mat works brilliantly, good speed and programs to choose from, long cables and hose making it easier to use. I use the mat morning and night and it has helped so much - if the mat could be a little quieter and then just lift me back out the bath it would be perfect :) Great customer service from Gizoo too, well done guys a very easy, fast and pleasant shopping experience."

, Bath

"Mines comming tommorrow can't wait been looking for this for two years now happy days"

, Ballymena

"Fantastic.. Fantastic... Fantastic.. I've long enjoyed a bath with a glass of red wine, Andrea Bocelli giving his best on my ipod and a small bath spa (that my 12 year old daughter bought 14 years ago)that sent bubbly water around the bath. Until, that was, the motor packed in. Having searched in vain for a replacement for so long I finally chanced upon this. This is no small bath spa. This doesn't send water AROUND the bath.This HITS you with bubbles from head to toe. The effect is great. Smashed by hundreds of bubbles you feel totally invigorated and relaxed at the same time when you eventually get out. (I didn't even notice the water had cooled so much, so relaxed was I.) For such a small and fairly cheap unit it packs a great punch. I have since ordered another for my now grown up daughter as a surprise, as she has been looking for one too. A few tips. If you don't like loud music in your bath, wear ear plugs. The power unit is quiet, it's the BUBBLES that make the noise. If you don't already have one, then buy a bath pillow for your head, it cuts out the vibration from the bubbles. Finally, don't put much bubble bath in, or you'll be scraping it off the ceiling, as I was on my first usage. Less than half a cap of radox and some bath salts to soften the water will do. Fantastic..."

, Merthyr Tydfil

"After spending some time on the site looking for christmas presents I came across this! It was the price that got my attention at £49.95, thinking to myself "How can this possibly be any good for £49.95?" ... I read the reviews on here and decided to purchase one. It arrived today and as soon as I got in I ripped open the box and set it up, got the hot water running and jumped in! It is a very impressive piece of kit, loads of bubbles, powerful too. I don't regret the purchase at all, it all works fine! The only 1 minor problem I'm having is removing the piping from the mat after use... ? I didn't want to pull it off too hard and rip the bag so it's currently just left in. Nevertheless, a great product! It's gone up in price now too so get it while you can!"

, London

"My partner bought me this as a Christmas present. It has to be one of the best presents i have ever received. It is just like having a real jacuzzi bath and is great for soothing aching muscles. The remove control operation makes switching between programs or strengths easy. The product is much quieter than i expected and smaller too. The whole thing tucks away neatly in a cupboard when not being used. Myself, my partner and our two children love this. It really has made bathtime a whole new experience. Highly recommended."

, Towcester

"This bath mat is really amazing has changed my boring bath time into a spa experience I strongly recommend buying one to all my friends and family"

, Bedford

"I bought this as a gift for me wife but couldn't wait to try it out myself! We love going to spas when we're on holiday so have spent lots of time in whirl pools. I was so impressed with this product - the results are much better than I expected at this price and it's well built, easy to set up and use! The designers seem to have thought of everything that I couldn't really think of any instant improvements. It has the following: - 3 separate programs that automatically cycle through the various settings such as bubble flow speed - Manual massage mode allowing you to select your own settings - Automatic shut off timer - Slimline Remote Control (splash proof) - Heat option (emits warm air bubbles) with 3 settings Brilliant and highly recommended! "

, Uxbridge

"Bought this for my wife, when it arrived it was set up in a minute and worked great, it's a fantastic gift!! Highly Recommended!"

, Inverness

"Just had my first bath with this and can confirm that it does help with back pain besides giving a very soothing and satisfying soak. Highly recommended and the quality of the product is superb considering the price."

, Derby

"Very pleased with the bath spa it is so much better than the babyliss bath spa which we had to have the mat replaced as it split, after having it replaced I saw your advert and decided to try yours as I think the same thing will happen again with the babyliss spa as it doesn't stay fastened down in the bath. We don't seem to have that problem with yours so it works much better. thank you"

, Southport

"When buying this I was concerned because of the low price and how many similar items are around with less features and a higher price. We are amazed. Thought it might be low powered but it's brilliant. We have a huge bath and the lowest speed still makes all your bits wobble. :) highly recommended."

, Bridgwater

"I bought this item for my partner for Christmas and I was lucky enough (with a bit of persuation) to try it out first! I cannot really add anything to the other comments below apart from ............ DONT OVER-DO IT WITH THE BUBBLE BATH!! Haha, I thought I would try a 'few drops' of Lavender Bubble Bath to enhance the 'experience' only to have a big shock when turning the machine on. Bubbles? I've never seen so many bubbles!! I ended up having to empty the bath and start again as the power of the machine soon whipped up a snow-storm of bubbles. A Fantastic piece of kit for the price and would definately recommend it to anyone thinking of purchasing it."

, Scunthorpe

"I didn’t expect to much from it as the cost was low, but as usual i was wrong totally wrong, it unit is quite in operation and works extremely well in fact my only complaint is that it's too efficient even on low speed. Get one, you will not be dissapointed. "

, Wellingborough

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