Solar Powered Security Light

Solar Security Light

Solar Powered Security Light
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Solar Powered Security Light

Solar Security Light Best Bits

  • Eco friendly solar powered light
  • Easy to install – no wires!
  • Works all year around
  • Bright white LED light
  • Light covers 8 metres distance
  • 100 degree motion sensor detector
  • Illuminates for 60 seconds
  • Light locks into place
  • Portable – use it as a standard light
  • Rain proof
  • Charge in sunlight once per week and use it in shaded areas

No more fumbling in the dark!

A solar security light is a fantastic solution to many exterior lighting problems. Add one to your porch and you've got a much needed source of light for when you're struggling to find your keys at the door. It can light up dark passageways around the home, lighting the way when you're taking out the rubbish at night. It can even be attached to the outside of your garage, if you don't want the hassle, or the expense, of wiring electricity to your garage.

The Solar Powered Security Light provides a burst of light when you need it most, without the need to have a constant light shining outside your door. It also acts as a great deterrent to any unwelcome visitors by lighting up unsuspecting intruders.

Solar Powered Security Light

This motion sensor light has an impressive 100 degree range, so you won't have to dance around waving your arms in the hope that your light will notice you! When someone has been detected the solar security light will automatically turn on for 60 seconds, giving you plenty of time to find your keys and get through the door. It covers an impressive 8 metre range, lighting up dim areas around the home with ease. When the light is fully changed the bright LED provides the equivalent light of a 60W standard light bulb.

Being solar powered the security light is easy to install (and free to power). There are no wires to worry about making the Solar Powered Security Light both a practical and affordable solution.

It comes complete with the fixings you need to attach your motion sensor security light to your wall, porch, or garage. Once the brackets have been attached to the surface where your new light will reside, you simply slide the light into the bracket, lock it using the supplied key and hey presto, you're done!

The solar security light is portable too, simply unlock it from the bracket and slide it out. This clever design means that it's easy to clean the light unit, or, if you keep the light in a shaded area, you can move it into the sunlight to charge once a week. You could even take the light camping with you so that you have emergency lighting, when you need it most.

Box Contents

  • White LED light
  • Solar Batteries 3 x AA 1.2V-600mAh
  • Solar Panel Light Unit
  • 2x Locking Keys
  • Fixings: Wall Bracket, Screws and Wall Plugs

Solar Security Light Specs

  • Solar Light Dimensions: (H)15.5cm x (D)15cm x (W)11cm
  • Box Dimensions: (L)20cm x (D)12cm x (W)12cm
  • Boxed Weight: 686g
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"I bought the Solar Light as I wanted a light that I didn't have to wire in - as I'm not very good with electrics. It's great - nice and bright. The sensor also allows you to use it as a security light. And with it being solar, I feel like I'm doing my bit for the environment!"

, Bingham

"An excellent product. Has a very good detection range and gives sufficiebnt light to see where you are going and to deter would be intruders."

, Edinburgh

"Excellent -- does exactly what it says on the can! 2 screws to mount it above the door, switch to Auto and forget it -- no batteries to run out, bulb to change or wires to run! Easily gives sufficient light to find keys etc. in the dark when mounted about 10 inches above the door frame, and illuminates night-time callers."

, St Helens

"I had low expectations of the solar powered courtesy light, but it is a very useful item it actualy does give a very good light without waste"

, Hereford

"I bought two of these and they are excellent. Very impressed with quality and price"

, Morecambe

"Great product easy to put up bright light and good for the Environment"

, Wakefield West Yorkshire

"Only giveing 4 stars as the manual say almost same light output as a 60w light bulb. Its not no where close more like 10w light blub. Two the 2 screw that come with are very poor the heads on them are to soft as I was screwing one in the head rubbed off. the light fitting only locks one side which make it so you can still lift the left side up and down so it dont feel fixed. Good Points.. It lights the area I need which is the back where I feed the cats at night. I am thinking of getting one for the side of the house so I can see my car when I do the shopping at night and so I can see the hole to put my key in it."

, peterborough

"I bought two of these lights for the front and back doors, the milkman thinks they are great at 4.00am in the morning and the care girls for my Mom like them at night when it is dark it lights up the steps."

, Birmingham

"I bought one of these to put outside our back door. Puttin electricity there would have been a pain, so I thought this would do the job. Unfortunatly it is in the shade all day every day. No problem take it off once a week to charge. That is where the problems start. Firstly the locking mechanism is poor. The key is plastic and if it is not inserted firmly before twisting to unlock, the key twists. I managed to twist both keys within a week. I sorted the problem by taking the lock off completely... Then the second probem. The auto option seems to have a mind of its own. once it gets dark, it switches on regardless of the fact there is nothing moving infront of it. The light stays on until the batteries give up, which is a few hours. Then when I come home when I need to see, it does not illuminate...... Nice idea, but needs a bit of work on the electronics and a few quid spending on a quality key."

, Grimsby

"Very pleased with the solar power courtesy light you supplied a few weeks ago - so much so that my next door neighbour has got one from you too!"

, Gloucestershire

"We brought the Solar Powered courtesy Lights 2 for the back Garden and 1 for by the front door. They are GR8. its a nice light not bright enough to blind you or be invasive to neighbours, but bright enough to see your keys or your glass of wine. Yes we would recommend them."

, London

"Very pleased with these lights. Have one outside my front door and one over my shed. Very handy for putting bike away in Winter. In Winter had to keep moving lights around as one at the front of the house was not getting enough to be charged up and so only lit for a few days. Its ok now that we're getting longer days, though."

, Cambridge

"Great product, easy, useful and green. It's good enough for me to order another one for my back door now I have one at the front door."

, Stockport

"Absolutely super, I bought two and will being buying another two when I have finished this review."

, Coalville

"I bought one of these in April last year and have been absolutely delighted with it. However after 8 months use the PIR sensor developed a fault and the light no longer worked properly. I'm in the process of sorting out a warranty claim now and will keep you posted. It my be that the product is not ideally suited to outdoor UK use?"

, Chatham

"Have to admit i bought the light as a tenant requested a light for the stairs to a basement flat. Dead simple installation, no wiring, a big speedy bonus, but the light that it gives off is great. Surprisingly good in fact!! In a space 1 meter deep and 2 meters wide, it easily illuminates the area. The sensor works well when the tenant leaves the flat front door or climbs down the stairs. Battery life is good and would recommend not switching it on for 3 days to get full charge. Great gadget and several of these would work well as external lights around a house quite easily."

, london

"I bought two of these about a year ago. Neither mine or my neighbours units are working after the first week. A totally useless product. does not work as advertised// I have bought better items from Gizoo but this one is a waste of our money. It is hard to believe the '5' star reviews based on our two experiences. I don't suppoe this review will be published. Bill from Surrey "

, Middlesex

"I bought one of these lights for my mum and its great. Its bright and just what she needed for her front door. My husband said it was really easy to install too. So, I'm ordering another for my mum-in-law!"

, Essex

"Installed within minutes, simple, cost-effective and provides enough ligh to see where you are going. Relatives want them now."

, Warrington

"I bought two of these. One of them didnt work and whilst well built, the performance of the other one does not match up to what is promised. There is no way this is almost as bright as a 60W bulb as promised. More like 20W maximum. Good enough to provide some minimal lighting and to prevent tripping over things, but not to light up as you would want."

, St Albans

"The other reviews say it all really - excellent option for somewhere you want to light but don't want the hassle of wiring to. Sheds a good light and the snesor works very well. Useful feature is the way you can simply unlock it from its base and use as a temporary torch - we do this all the time to go down the garden. Occasionally the light stops coming on via the sensor, and this is fixed by switch on and off a few times, which probably cleans the contacts inside."

, Guildford

"Asolutely brilliant! (excuse the pun). Well done Gizoo."

, Redruth

"Handy to put up and just about provides enough light . Mine has lasted about two years and still going. Glad I bought it."

, Lisburn

"These solar powered lights are just Fantastic! They are so good I bought a few for friends as well as an extra one for myself, as we take one on holiday, when using the caravan and awning the family have no problems for finding anything at night. Charging is easy, you do not even require direct sunlight, they even take a charge through plastic windows in the caravan. The one we keep at home is in constant use as it is mounted by the front door, it has never failed even if the electricity suppliers do! If you have not got one of these superb solar powered lights yet, then don't delay get one today. You will not regret it!!"

, Elgin

"I bought one of these just over a year ago and found it terrific for the first winter. Bright light meant no more fumbling for keys in the dark. However, the gadget suddenly stopped working and in spite of switching it off for several days to recharge the light did come on but only once and for a few seconds only. So now defunct and less than two years old. So good for one season only."

, Fraserbrugh

"Excellent product, very bright, minimal maintenance and simple to fit. I bought two and used them for illuminating the area around my garage. I was so impressed I recommended them to my son who bought two for illuminating his car parking area."

, Lincoln

"I bought one last year to use at the garden door on motion sensor for when the cats wanted to come in. I have just bought another one to put on the garage so I don't have to juggle a torch when unlocking from the garden at night. They give a bright light and I have recommended them to others."

, Ruislip

"Really impressed. Versatile, easy to put up and lights up exactly where I wanted it to. Not too bright - but certainly not dim."

, Hinckley

"Really pleased with it so far, easy to install, isn't too bright like halogen security lights, so doesn't wake everyone up within 100m!"

, Ruthin

"Just what we needed. Have good light level and are so simple to use."

, Aberdeen

"Great inexpensive courtesy lights for the front and rear doors of our house. We are able to locate the key holes much better now. Also makes callers at the door more visible when viewed through the security camera."

, Crawley

"A product that GIZOO can be proud of. I will be ordering more in the next few weeks. Keep up the good work of selling a good product at budget price and I know where you lead others can't follow"

, Lampeter

"I was slightly sceptical initially, especially when nothing happened for two days, but on the third evening when I went to the garage, I was bathed in a pool of blue-white light. This really is a brilliant ( in all senses of the word) gadget. Well done Gizoo, I will certainly recommend this to others and it is so easy to install too."

, Middlesex

"I bought one of these in January 2009 and although initially I was very impressed with it within 18 months it was no longer working. I read that you could clean the contacts by switching it on and off a few times. This seemed to do the trick for a further few months but now it is no longer working again. This is a shame as it was such a good product in the beginning."

, Fraserburgh

"bought this light late summer,needing it to light up patio at night when i let my dogs out.come dark nights it has only worked a matter of weeks and now only about 1-2 times a is west facing and gets a lot of light and sun[when applic]so i am not very pleased with it and am considering having to employ electrician to fix a 'proper' light outside.x"

, durham

"I'd thoroughly recommend this product. I wanted something relatively cheap, easy to install, efficient and effective and this product does all of those things. The light emitted from this product illuminates the immediate area well and the sensor is very effective making it a suitable security light. Will definitely be buying more for other areas around the house."

, Hinckley

"Bought this as the reviews were good. The first unit failed on me after about 2 weeks but this was replaced without hassle. The unit provides just enough light over a small area - say around 1 metre - and is easy to install. If you're after something for security don't buy it but for an easy-to-fit light for side gate area or something similar it's a good choice."

, Surrey

"Just what I wanted so I have ordered another"


"An absolute brilliant light. Very easy to put up, very bright and the sensor is just right for where we have it placed. We did charge the batteries up on our charger first and will be eventually replacing them for more high powered ones, but that's just us , you don't have to they come with some good ones anyway. I would recommended this light to everyone it's the best one I have seen on the market and have been looking for a long time. Lynne"

, Morley

"Purchase TWO lamps about 8 weeks ago, one is working fine but the sensor on the other has packed up? Even though they are EXTERNAL lamps the seals are not very good and it would appear when raining water is able to get into the lamp between the seal on the solar panel and the frame of the lamp itself. I guess they would be fine for the inside of an external porch? "


"I purchased TWO of these lamps and they worked fine, but after 2 months rain water got into one of the two lamps causing the sensor to pack up. I reported this to Gizoo and Amy, without question, sent me, without cost, a new replacement lamp. They could not of been fairer than that. Both the company and its products to be recommended."


"Bought one, was so impressed that I then bought two more, and now plan to get more for the far side of the house. Very simple to fit and operate - no hidden problems with them. Much brighter than most solar lights, but not so much so as to annoy the neighbours when the cat sets it off!"

, Aberdeenshire

"Bought as a security light. Easy to put up and it gives a very good light. Pleased to have it."

, Merseyside

"Great Product, really works well, would recommend."

, Wilford

"Best innovation since sliced bread ."

, Barnsley

"I had great hopes for this light after reading the reviews but am somewhat disappointed. The light is bright but does not come on soon enough for us. You have to be quite close to it 3-4 ft before it comes on. The range on the leaflet says from 4 metres each side of the light and 8m from the front. It could be that my side path which has bushes and trees does not help. It could be that coming towards the light straight on (towards the front) it would come on sooner than it does from side on."

, Wakefield

"This is an amazing light. I have had it installed at a seaside property for the past 18 months and it has been battered by the elements but still works perfectly. No need for mains electricity. Can't recommend highly enough."

, Aberdeen

"I was very sceptical about this, but I needed an outside light and it was a very long way from the mains. But... it is a well made product, very easy to fit and it does work very well. The PIR sensor is about right for sensitivity - cats don't set it off and the field is slightly larger than indicated in the instructions. The light seems to be equivalent to about a standard 25w bulb (its not a floodlight, but bright enough to find your keys or the lock), is blue/white and stays on for about 2 minutes. Charging is good - even on my north facing wall. All in all a first class product that does exactly what you want from a courtesy light. "

, Devon

"I bought this light for my property in Spain as a security light. Many visitors have commented on its brightness and it also does not cost any money due to its Solar energy. My Dad also commented that it was a fantastic product and I have purchased one for him for Xmas.I have also purchased one for my house in the Uk.Thank you Gizoo"

, Tamworth

"Haven't got to grips fully with this lighting as yet. Have put brackets up - find that as it only locks on one side it swings loose from opposite one. Find taking off and putting back on bit fiddly. Also the switch is bit awkward - having plastic over it makes it hard to grip and can't tell if got clicked on right setting. Charged one up and doesn't seem to have worked on what I thought was Automatic for a full day (Tested in house before put up). Maybe I haven't charged up enough. Will persevere as haven't had long. But tell me how do people cope at charging up in bad/winter weather. I purchased for outside over door lightening but beginning to think - mistake. I won't return however as they will be okay to use as torch lights. If you think I'm using incorrectly and can give me further advise I will be grateful. Reason purchased - needed lightening to go over front door - read good reviews and was impressed which is why I purchased."

, Nr Accrington

"I bought this light to illuminate a shadowy corner where my garage side door is and it serves its purpose, just. The light is quite robust looking and I suspect it will need to be when the next gale comes along as the mounting of the light to the bracket is very poor with only 1 small plastic clip holding it locked in place with the other end just resting on a hook. The on / off selector switch is also very flimsy. Would I buy another one? No, there are a lot better ones elsewhere."

, falmouth

"Great while it lasted but failed competely after 6 months."

, Worcestershire

"From the reviews of this product, i bought 2 of these to use over my driveway (which is down the side of my house) and the entrance to my garages. i thought they'd be great as i didnt have any easy way of getting power to either position. Unfortunately, after one heavy rainfall overnight, both PIR's got full of rainwater and that was goodbye to £40. Only after this happened did i note the warning that they are not waterproof - just shower proof. Waste of money to use in UK!"

, Camberley

"Does what it says on the tin. Wife very pleased with it as it lights her way from the car to the back door. If your looking for a flood light effect this isn't for you but if you want a lit pathway then go for it. We haven't had much sun lately so maybe it gets brighter as the weather improves. Would recommend it."

, Portishead

"I rent my home, so this light was ideal....quick to put up and solar powered. I use my back door to get into the house and it was pitch black out there before this light. I now feel safe while getting in with my toddler and the light comes on as I walk through my garden. The light is bright enough to see what you are doing....very happy and would buy another."

, Ryde

"We initially bought 4 solar lights to cover our driveway, they worked so well we bought 1 more for the front of the house. They are bright and give sufficient direct light to show up the ground. Gizoo have provided very good customer service as we found 2 of the lights did not work properly - Gizoo replaced them without any fuss, so I was able to recommend the company to a friend who also bought solar products."

, Eastleigh

"These are great. I stuck one up by the wood pile to save messing about with torches when repenishing the log store. It will work quite happily under a perspex roof and should be great in greenhouses. Bought a second one for the side of the house. Want another to illuminate the other side to get to the compost bin in the depths of winter."

, Stepaside

"I bought one of these about 4 years ago to save on having to fix electric cable etc. It still works fine during the summer months but because of its location, the side passageway to my house which is one metre wide; in the winter not enough light reaches the solar panel so it does not charge itself, which rather defeats the object of having it. Having said this it is still a useful light to have - for the summer nights!"

, Solihull

Gizoo Says: Hi David, if you're using the Solar Powered Courtesy Light in a shaded area, we recommend unlocking the light unit and charging it in full sunlight once a week.

"Great product, bought three already, my neighbour bought one off me. I am ordering three more. Can’t wait for them to arrive so I can put two up, and give one to a friend as a gift. "

, South Heath

"Brilliant. Still going strong after two years, no problems. Easy to fit and no maintenance. Great for finding your front door key.!"

, Emsworth

"Excellent product. easy to fit, works all the time. timed lighting. there when needed. highly recommend"

, doncaster

"I bought 6 lights two years back and they still work well. Just ordered some more. Good quality and excellent value for money compared to some other models."

, Glasgow

"I have just replaced one of these lights with a new Solar PIR Porch Light (with Seperate Collector Panel on a long Lead), also from Gizoo. (True test of this new light will be in the winter months). Reason for replacement being although really satisfactory operation for the first couple of years until our trees grew taller and blocked the Current Bun. The design does not cater for the fitting of an external light collector which is a shame.However all is not lost, I will be installing it away from the trees over the dustbins where it will continue to give good service. Regards H C Smith Ps So far all the Solar powered gadgets I have bought from Gizoo have done the job well."


"I bought this light several years ago and it works a treat. In fact it is so good that I plan to buy another."

, Cobham

"This is just brilliant!!! So simple and easy to set up and use. No wiring needed, so no expensive electrician bills. Only two screws needed to install, so no expensive builders bills. We have this over our front door and it works a treat, it gives more than enough light for you to see what your doing with your keys at night or to give that little extra security when answering the door at night. 10/10... Infact it's so good I'm getting one for the back door soon! "

, Milnthorpe, Cumbria.

"I great little light that works well above my French windows. Ideal for a small area."

, Cheltenham

"Does exactly as it says on the tin (box). Very pleased with it. We needed a light that didn't need wiring. One that wasn't so bright that it disturbed the neighbours but with enough light to see by when going out to the bins. This item ticked all the boxes."

, Seaford

"These have proved really reliable over the last couple of years, out in all weathers. It even worked under corrugated plastic. I'm thinking of getting one for the greenhouse."

, Stepaside

"Best gadget I have ever bought. I have bought 7. They need very little service as long as they get sunshine. If any loses charge which is seldom. You can take batteries out and charge them."

, Llanelli

"These are a great product.I own seven or eight and am about to buy two more. HOWEVER. 1. the supplied rechargeable batteries are not as long lasting as UK brands. 2. the units if in exposed surroundings suffer from damp in the electronics after two winters."

, Harpenden

"Bought two of these two or three years ago. Worked very well with minor niggles - triggering sometimes unreliable. Recently one unit failed due to water penetration - not surprising when exposed to Lake District weather. Good enough to be thinking of ordering more. Suggestions - improve weatherproofing and locking mechanism; put warning to clear frost (and snow) from solar panel in winter conditions; improve the English in the instruction leaflet."

, Keswick

"I have bought a number of similar items in the past, but none come close to the quality and performance of this unit. Highly recommended."

, Swindon

"Great product. Worked through the winter enough to light the approach to the front door. Also found really good used on the bathroom window ledge for night-time visits."

, Wellingborough

"I bought tis a couple of years ago and have been very pleased with it, bought one for my son also."

, Southampton

"A superb little device! It sits there and does it's job all year round. It is on a south-east facing wall with sun (some days!) until about 2pm, but even so I have only had to take it off for charging twice in two winters. Excellent value for money."

, Falmouth

"spontaneously broke itself within the first week, total wast of money. If something sounds a cheap too-good-to-be-true solution it probably is. Sadly this was total garbage."

, Lancs

"I bought the Solar Powered Courtesy Light about four years ago to illuminate the area around the bins. It has proved to be extremely useful and is still operating as perfectly as on day one."

, Lisburn

"Bought one of these to illuminate an internal stairway - with an adjacent window providing daylight. The intention being to illuminate the stairs at night when, in the event of a fire / mains failure, we would want to quickly and safely use the stairs. It works perfectly! Daytime, the unit recharges from natural light and it quickly senses movement and switches on to give more than adequate light for the staircase. A really excellent buy - with potentially, many other types of uses."

, Bath

"Have three of these lights around the outside of the house and they are really bright and need no maintenance. A really good buy!"

, Llantwit major

"best of all the security/courtesy lights on the market. easy to position and leave, basically. does exactly what it says on the box - no mither."

, Warrington

"This is a fabulous light. We have three sets and, even all through the darkest winter, they have rarely let us down. They are excellent quality and show no signs of degrading in any way. I think the oldest set must have been out there about 4 years now. So I definitely recommend!"

, Newport

"I've had one of these for years and so far only one change of batteries. Funny thing is, I live in a bungalow with a flat roof over my bedroom. When I first moved here, I used to hear squirrels on the roof, late at night (at least, I hope they were squirrels!), but with one of these lights...nothing!! So not just good for humans!"

, Henley-on-Thames

"Had my courtesy light since August 2007. Has worked a treat but now has finally given up the ghost. Seven years - not bad for an electronic item out in all weathers! I built a box to cover mine from the rain with a transparent top so it could still charge. The light it gives out is not retina burning but is just enough. I imagine the newer ones give out better light? A shame they don't make one that fits onto the corner of a building so you could see both sides of the corner. I Could easily make an angled corner bracket out of wood I suppose if I bought another one."

, Cambridge

"I bought this item over a year ago and it has worked perfectly through all 4 seasons. It was easy to install and has proved to be both safe and economical to run. In all an excellent product!"

, Edinburgh

"Excellent product"

, Wolverhampton

"Great Product! Very reliable"

, Norwich

"Great light. Very easy to install, works entirely automatically and surprisingly bright. Even lights up if my dog walks past."

, Glasgow

"Brilliant in many ways! Easy to install, only 2 'screws' and very sensitive, giving a cool blue light for plenty of time to find my key and unlock my front door, plus a warning if someone approaches the door. Living alone, I feel really secure being able to see the visitor before I open the door, and especially when the darker evenings are drawing in. Thank you."

, Catthorpe

"Just got 2 of these lights. Very easy to fit. I would say the light is a soft white rather that a bright white but it is plenty bright enough to light you way. I am thinking of getting another one for the outside the garage to replace the big spotlight so it will not blind me as I come onto the drive."

, New Milton

"So after a few years using these, my summary review...If the work then they are very good. The only problem is that sometime I get a defective unit. Gizoo are brilliant in their hassle free replacement process, so no major problem, but the units do have this problem. I have ordered about ten of these over the years, am running six permanently around the perimeter of the house, and they just keep on delivering. I keep two spare in the sun to swap during the winter when charge has diminished. A little fiddly in mounting when swapping the units, but again not a big problem. They are securely locked to their frame so no-one can steal them easily. Very pleased overall."

, Solihull

"This is a very good product, with just two small caveats. First, when it stops working in mid-winter, recharge the batteries in an indoor battery charger - it hasn't broken, it's just not had enough sunshine! Second, be very gentle with the plastic locking key, it's not man enough for the job and is easily broken."

, Watford

"probley one of the best things ive ever bought. there that good, i bought three and have had no trouble with them. they charge well even in the winter. all my neigbours have been asking about them. everyone should have at least one over there front or back door. thank you gizoo"

, Craigavon

"Vodka bottles and used needles were regularly being found outside the side door of the vestry to our local church. To deter the offenders I installed the Solar Powered Curtesy light and the problem has not recurred since. The light was easy to install and saved the Church over £60 compared to employing an electrician."

, Ryde

"Easy to fit , nice bright light that comes on when you approach , so good i got a second one"

, Doncaster

"you could invest in an expensive security light and pay for an electrition to wire it in or you could do as I and many others have done and buy this excellent courtesy light which only requires a couple of screws to fix it in place-no contest! the unit gives plenty of instant light as soon as movement is detected and recharges even on a cloudy day The light is ideal for those dark areas such as side of garage,dustbin storage etc"

, reading

"'That'll never work!' That was the reaction from my other half who doesn't share my love of solar gadgets! However 2 years later and it is still going strong! It usually sits on the front wall to greet visitors, however, when we go camping, we just detach it and makes a fantastic portable camping light. Even my other half has to admit that it's a great gadget!"

, Biggleswade

"I bought one to try out, it was so good i got four more. They are great, where ever i go i'm in light."

, Holt

"What a fantastic product. i needed a light by my front door but couldnt be bothered with wires and cables this light fits the bill exactly it was up in five minutes and provides me with enough light to see and feel safe when i come home in the dark. brilliant price too."

, wirral

"Fantastic product... I have one fitted to my Motor Home giving me security on camp sites and also one fitted to the front of my garage. This light works very well as a security light as it comes on at night via sensor when movment is detected and also gives welcome light when arriving home at night. Have had mine for 2 years now and no sign of any problems. I actualy bought three so as to have a spare if one went wrong... BUT 3rd still in box untouched. BUY ONE OR MORE you will not be disapointed."

, Stafford

"I was sceptical about buying this product at first. After very quick delivery, I fitted it above our porch where there is no light near our shared drive. So simple to fit, about ten minutes, and incredibly bright for a solar powered light, it works brilliantly! Well worth the money. Am considering buying another for our rear garden. Definitely worth 5 stars!"

, Essex

"I bought 2 several years ago for my house, been delighted with them. Fault free. Buying now as a Christmas pressie for my dad and sis. "

, Fife

"I have had my Solar Powered Courtesy Light for more than two years and it is still working as it did on the day I installed it. Easy to install, no maintenance. I put mine on the side of the house above the wheelie bins to ensure I can see any rubbish that I may drop at night. You say it is as equally as bright as 60 watts, I am not so sure it is that bright but it is sufficiently bright enough.I would definitely recommend this product."

, Stanford-le-Hope

"Was ok at first although only bright enough to find the right door key if positioned just above the door (which is all I reqd) so good so far..... I charged it for 3 days in daylight although rather overcast. Unfortunately it ran out of power within a week (even though it was only on sensor and activated when someone came to the door). Will try some brand new re-chargable batteries. Maybe would charge better on summer days but that defeats the object really. NO LONG LASTING POWER,LIGHT DIED WITHIN A WEEK. Can't understand how some people reviewed this product so highly."

, london

"I have had one of these for a while now. I have it on the front of the house, which doesn't really get any direct sunlight (except for a bit late afternoon in the summer before the sun goes behind the other houses), so I have been taking this off and charging on my south-facing windowsill. However, it does seem to be charging of its own accord recently. I agree that it is very fiddly to unlock and remount, but it is good enough that I am thinking of buying another for my back door. I do have a spot on a switch there already but as this is in full sun for most of the day it seems ideal to have a solar-powered light. My husband worries that the cats will set it off but, as it does give sufficient light but not bright light, I don't think this would cause a nuisance to anyone, and better than our very bright spot when I decide to go into the garden late at night! Would definitely recommend, but please get the locking mechanism improved."

, Loughborough

"I have recently installed another 4 lights around my Father-in-Law's bungalow to allow full illumination for visitors at night. First class lights for the price. Very simple to install and ideal when there is a power cut, as the lights can be removed from the outside walls, and used inside the property and auto functioning when somebody walks into a room. Highly recommended. Note: Don't forget to move the lights around every couple of weeks if some are in the shaded areas around the property to keep the batteries fully charged."

, Lincoln

"These for I have two are welcoming and helpful when you need to see you way clear,for example to the dustbins or welcoming when arriving home.Great thing to have for those difficult to see places."

, Norwich

"Was doubtful at first about how bright this would be but oh how wrong I was. This is a great Solar PIR unit, works faultless all through the year even in the darker winter months it seems to still store enough charge to light up our doorway when we get home. Even though it only has the one LED the light output is amazing, do not link this to other solar lights, it is so much brighter. I have 3 now and I am just about to purchase another to replace the final small electric floodlight."

, King's Lynn

"We've had ours for about 3 years now and it's still going strong and was ordered from Gizoo. I still have the receipt. We have another type mounted at the back of the house and it's pretty hopeless, although it does have 2 sets of lights which can be angled."

, West Lothian

"I bought one of these lights, but was not completely confident that it would give enough light for purpose. In fact this was the case, but the pros outweigh the cons so much that I'm buying another couple - so that mounted close to each other should give plenty of light."

, chiswick

"Worked well for the first year, but then packed up. I tried recharging the batteries and cleaning everything up but it still doesn't work. Wouldn't buy another."

, Wiltshire

Fast, Flexible Delivery Options

Our aim is always to get your order to you as quickly as we can, and in the best possible condition.

We're really fast at getting your order out to you – the majority are sent out the day they are placed (except at weekends / bank holidays when our warehouse team get some time off).

Here’s a summary of the services we offer:

Cost Carrier Information
Standard £0.00 Royal Mail Expected Delivery: 2 days after dispatch
Standard Delivery is Free for all orders
Express £5.95 Hermes Expected Delivery: Next day, for orders before 3.00pm Monday - Thursday
Saturday £9.95 Hermes Expected Delivery: Saturday, for orders before 3.00pm Friday

Standard Delivery

Our standard delivery service is provided by Royal Mail, and usually arrives 2 days after we’ve sent your order. We'll let you know by email as soon as your order is on its way to you, so you can arrange to be there when it arrives. If you’re not in when your order arrives, and it doesn’t fit through your letterbox, you’ll be able to collect your parcel from your local Post Office or Royal Mail collection point.

Express & Saturday Delivery

Although our Standard delivery service is pretty speedy, we understand that sometimes you may want your order even more quickly, and we’re also able to offer Express Delivery & Saturday Delivery options.

Express Delivery

Costs just £5.95, and if you place your order before 3:00pm Monday to Thursday, it will arrive with you the next working day. That means if you order at 1pm on a Tuesday, you’ll get your order on Wednesday, however if you order at 4pm on Friday, your order won't arrive until the following Tuesday (as it won’t be collected from us until Monday).

All Express Delivery orders are sent with our courier partner, Hermes, and you’ll need to be in to sign for your order. If you’re not in, the driver will leave a card with details of how you can collect your order, or arrange for it to be redelivered.

Saturday Delivery

Costs £9.95, and will arrive with you on the following Saturday, as long as your order is placed before 3:00pm on Friday.

Saturday Delivery orders are sent with our courier partner, Hermes, and you’ll need to be in to sign for your order. If you’re not in, the driver will leave a card with details of how you can collect your order, or arrange for it to be redelivered.

Want to know even more about our delivery options?

Hassle-free Returns

We hope you’re pleased with everything you order from Gizoo. However, we understand there may be times when you need to return an item to us, and want to make sure it’s a simple and hassle-free process.

Unwanted Products

Gizoo will refund or exchange any unwanted items, providing reasonable care has been taken of the products and they are returned in their original condition. If you wish to return any goods please contact us to obtain a returns number (RMA number) and details of how to return your items.

You can let us know that you’d like to return unwanted products any time up to 14 working days after the day of delivery. Products should be returned to Gizoo undamaged and with their original packaging. No unwanted returns can be accepted without an RMA number.

If any product has not been returned to us in a reasonable condition, or we do not receive one or more items, we reserve the right to refuse a refund .The customer is expected to pay the return postage costs for any unwanted products.

Faulty Products

If any product arrives damaged, or is faulty on arrival, we will be happy to refund or exchange it for you. We will also cover the costs of returning it to us. If you wish to return any damaged, incorrect or faulty goods please contact us to obtain an RMA number and details of how to return your products.

If any fault occurs within 30 days of delivery, we will provide a full refund or exchange. For items which develop a fault more than 30 days after delivery to you, we’ll provide a replacement in accordance with the manufacturer’s warranty terms.

This does not affect your statutory rights.

Responsibility for Returned Goods

Please note: Any goods returned are the responsibility of the sender and we recommend sending them back by a registered or recorded method. Gizoo cannot accept responsibility for any returned goods lost in transit. We will refund the price of the item or exchange the product once it is received by us. A refund of the delivery charge incurred in delivering the returned product will also be given in the instance of incorrect, damaged or faulty on arrival goods.

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