Audio Gadgets

We love audio gadgets at Gizoo and we're proud of our collection of portable speakers, earphones and accessories.

Whether you're into jazz, hip-hop, rap or soul, our gadgets allow you to enjoy your favourite tracks in exceptional quality. Shopping for a music-mad loved one? Our sound gadgets make for excellent birthday and Christmas gifts, so find them the ideal present today!

Looking for more top tech? Take a look at our selection of phone, camera and computer gadgets too.

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  • Bluetooth Music Receiver

    Bluetooth Music Receiver

    Only £19.95


  • Bluetooth Shower Speaker
  • Bluetooth Splash Speaker

    Bluetooth Splash Speaker

    Only £39.95


  • CD/DVD Repair Kit

    CD/DVD Repair Kit (New)

    Only £24.95


  • Clip To Go Bluetooth Speaker - Black

    Clip to Go Bluetooth Speaker

    Only £14.95


  • Garden Filigree Carousels

    Garden Filigree Carousels

    Only £9.95


  • Portable Stereo Speaker
  • Portable Speakers: Touchscreen Edition
  • 4 in 1 USB Cable and Car Charger
  • Universal Tablet and Smartphone Stand
  • Konig Stereo PC Headset
  • Mighty Sound Mug

    Mighty Sound Mug

    Only £29.95


  • PowerCube Extended with Remote (1.5m)
  • Retro Touch Speaker

    Retro Touch Speaker

    Only £29.95


  • Shower Clock Radio
  • SleepPhones Classic V5

    SleepPhones Classic V5

    Only £34.95


  • SleepPhones Microphone

    SleepPhones Microphone

    Only £39.95


  • SleepPhones Wireless V5

    SleepPhones Wireless V5

    Only £69.95


  • Sonar Foldable Headphones

    Sonar Foldable Headphones

    Only £9.95


  • Speaker Blanket

    Speaker Blanket

    Only £29.95


  • Veho 360 Speaker

    Veho 360 Speaker

    Only £14.95


  • Water Dancing Droplet Speakers
  • Wrap Charger And Cable Tidy

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