Here at Gizoo, you'll find an amazing selection of weird and wonderful toys and games.

Whether you're shopping for toys for little ones or for big kids who have never grown up, we have something for everyone.

From interactive gizmos to cool toys, our range makes great gifts for birthdays, Christmas and other occasions.

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  • 14 in 1 Solar Robot Kit

    14 in 1 Solar Robot Kit

    Only £19.95


  • 4 in 1 Educational Motorized Robot Kit

    4 in 1 Motorised Robot

    Only £14.95


  • Air Power Engine Car Kit
  • Cozy Plush Cow
  • Cozy Plush Bagpuss
  • Echo Bot
  • Cozy Plush Hippo
  • Crab In Bowl
  • Robot Clock

    Robot Clock

  • Robot Gift Wrap
  • Salt Water Motorcycle Kit
  • Socky Doll Flunky Monkey

    Socky Dolls

    Only £11.95


  • Waboba Fetch
  • Waboba Water Ball Extreme
  • Warmies

    Warmies Premium Heatable Soft Toys

    Only £14.95


  • Water Dancing Droplet Speakers

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